Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction treatment is the most effective way of recovering from cocaine addiction. Cocaine is the second most commonly used illicit drug (following marijuana) in the United States. According to the 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 34 million Americans (14.7%) age 12 or older had used cocaine at least once in their lifetime. Up to 75% of people who try cocaine will become addicted to it. Only one out of four people who try to quit will be able to without help.

While in treatment, the recovering addict will do more than just stop using drugs. They will learn the tools necessary to avoid using cocaine in the future once they leave treatment. Another area that is addressed in rehab is how to live day to day life without feeling the need to use drugs to solve life’s problems. Cocaine addiction treatment helps to restore the individual to their pre-cocaine using days and guides them to become a productive and functioning part of their family, workplace, and community.

While in addiction treatment the recovering person learns many valuable lessons about drug addiction, recovery, and relapse. This is also a time where they can address misguided beliefs about their self, others, and their environment. Cocaine addiction treatment helps the individual make lifestyle changes, manage their feelings, develop coping tools, and learn cocaine refusal skills. They also learn to identify relapse warning signs and thoughts that may lead them to relapse in the future.

Cocaine addiction treatment is known to substantially improve an individual’s prospects for future employment. Gains of up to forty percent have been show after a cocaine addict attends treatment. In the end, an individual’s success in treatment greatly depends on three key elements. The first is the extent and nature of the individual’s cocaine addiction problem. The second is the proper fit of the drug rehab treatment facility with the individual’s addiction recovery needs. The third element is the individual’s involvement in their chosen treatment program.

The goal of all cocaine addiction treatment programs is to educate the drug user to the facts about chemical dependency and the changes needed to live a drug free lifestyle. A variety of therapy can be included in a given drug rehab setting depending on the clinical intensity of the center. Most centers provide counseling, behavioral therapy, lectures, group therapy, discussion groups, and other types of services.

Your Brain On Cocaine
(AP) Chronic cocaine use harms brain circuits that help produce the sense of pleasure, which may help explain why cocaine addicts have a higher rate of depression, a study suggests. It's not clear whether cocaine kills brain cells or merely impairs them, or whether the effect is reversible, said study author Dr. Karley Little. But it's bad news for cocaine addicts in any case, he said.
Former cocaine kingpin now serves dogs, not drugs
MARKHAM, Ill. — Two decades after customers clamored to buy cocaine from a teenager named John Cappas, they're lined up again to buy what he has to sell: Hot dogs. The one-time "drug kingpin," as the newspapers called him in the late 1980s, this summer became an owner of a hot dog stand called Johnny's WeeNee Wagon.
Drug mule swallowed 106 cocaine packages
A man who swallowed 106 packages of cocaine to smuggle them into the UK was today starting a 10-year jail sentence. Alexsejs Malinovs, 23, from Eastern Avenue South, Northampton, was stopped by UK Border Agency officers at Heathrow Airport in May 2009 when he arrived on a flight from Peru via Amsterdam. Investigations found the Latvian national had swallowed about 700 grams of cocaine in 106 packages, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said today.
Tainted cocaine
Okay, let's just get it right out there up front - no one thinks doing crack or cocaine is good for you. Nope, no one. Not me, not even the people who use it. However, if a huge percentage of the cocaine/crack sold in this country is being adulterated with a potentially lethal addition, shouldn't people (including the doctors wondering what the heck is going on) be warned?
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